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..:: British Universities Kayaking Expedition ::..
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Welcome to, the home of the British Universities Kayaking Expedition. Following the success of the first expedition in 2005 it is hoped that a different team of students can undertake such an expedition every two years.

..:: Latest News ::..

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..:: Principles ::..

The overriding principle of a British Universities Kayaking Expedition is for a team of the UK's best student kayakers to undertake an exploratory trip in search of some of the worlds finest white water. Those selected will organise the entire expedition themselves and as a result of doing so, a solid team will be formed. Thus, once on expedition, everyone will operate as a well oiled team and as such be ready to tackle some challenging situations, both on and off the river. The team is expected to seek out funding and sponsorship towards the trip (well — we couldn't expect cheapskate student kayakers to come up with ALL the money on their own) and publicise the expedition by writing articles and giving lectures upon their return if the opportunity to do so arises.

..:: History ::..

The idea for the "British Universities Kayaking Expedition" came about late in 2004 when Phil Carrivick posted on a few of the popular kayaking forums (UKRGB, TWP and Unsponsored) asking for interest in such an expedition. He'd apparantly heard about a previous student run expedition back in the 80's and thought that the concept was a good one.

He recieved a healthy response and in Dec '04, twelve people were invited to a "selection event" in Wales. Stonking water levels were the order of the day and the weekend turned into three days of quality boating with new friends. Each hopeful team member brought along some research into a specific destination and the evenings were spent discussing where to go and what the ethos of the expedition would be. Dave Manby (expedition kayaker extraordinaire) was kind enough come along and helped to whittle down the destination wish list whilst divulging a number of other pearls of kayak expeditioning wisdom.

Before going, lots of work was put into generating interest and obtaining sponsorship. Notable successes being the BCU Expedition Committee, and the respective universities of the team members. Desperate Measures of Nottinham provided a great kit deal combined with help from Sweet and Nike ACG amongst others.

The expedition took place in Kyrgyzstan over 4 weeks in August/September 2005 and by all accounts was a great success. The team paddled a huge variety of grade III-V white-water with both low and high volume runs, multidayers and half hour short steep blasts. They also ticked off a few potential first descents.

Upon their return they recieved a significant amount of publicity, having articles published in 3 different magazines and doing a number of lectures, including the SCA Exhibition, the Tyne Tour and the Gene 17 weekend at the Dart.

Now the expeditions are a regular fixture in the British students kayaking calendar. Keep your eyes peeled for more info about the next one!

..:: Selection Procedures ::..

The selection will consist of two basic stages.
1) A written profile
2) Selection event — (if you pass stage 1)

1) Written profile

The written application is first used to narrow down the field to 20 or so people who will be invited along to the selection event. The profiles of these 20 will then be put up online so that everyone can get to know each other before taking part in the event.

2) Selection Event

First things first. This is a weekend in which a bunch of paddlers who don’t know each other, can get to know each other, and hopefully enjoy a fantastic weekend of boating. It is hoped that through the process of submitting the profiles, everyone who has been invited to the selection has met the standard which will be required for the trip. As a result, we can all have a few days of stress free boating without feeling scrutinised. The purpose of the “selection weekend” is to knock a few ideas back and forth about possible destinations, and to get to know other people who’ve been invited. After all, it is you that will be doing the majority of the selecting, as you will have to live with those people for a month or so in the middle of absolutely nowhere!

If you are interested and would like to take part in this unique opportunity, click on the "Apply" button and submit an application. We look forward to hearing from you.

..:: Eligibility ::..

All applicants must:
- be a full-time student in the academic year preceeding the trip, at an institution registered as a university within the UK.
- have not participated in any previous "British Universities Kayaking Expeditions"
- be over 18 years of age at the time of departure of the expedition.

Any of the above conditions may change/be added to at any point (just incase we forgot anything obvious).

..:: Apply ::..

The selection process generally kicks off September of the year preceding the trip, i.e. September '06, '08, '10, '12 etc. Check back at this time (or ask on UKRGB) for more information.

If you want to apply and can't access the website 'cos it's in flash (sorry smartphone users)... err, find a PC to use instead (it will be worth it)!

Those invited on the selection event will have their application put the site along with a few photos so that everyone can hopefully get to know each other before the selection event.

This page is merely a text mirror of the main site which can be found here.
If you have been directed here by a search engine or link,
please navigate to to view the proper site.